Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee Thermos Bottle – Drink Cup Top

Date: July 23, 2018 Category:

NEW FOR 2018

COLD FOR 24 HRS, HOT FOR 8 HRS.  Double Wall Vacuum Insulation – Copper Extra Lining between the 2 Stainless Steel Walls. Fill your metal drink bottle with ice and top with water or fill with hot liquid – Herbal Tea or Hot Chocolate and allow the DOUBLE WALL INSULATION to protect your drinks all day. NEW SCREW ON TOP – Keeps vacuum intact for better insulation. Just unscrew top slightly to pour beverage.

EASY CARRY, LEAK PROOF, NO SPILL, NO SWEAT – Carry drinks you trust with you. Our coffee thermos slides easily into car cup holder, bike rack or hiking backpack. Holds just the right amount of fluid. Perfect size mouth opening makes it comfortable to drink from.

DURABLE – Food grade stainless steel inside and outside means NO METALLIC AFTERTASTE. BPA free lid and no plastic lining means no toxins. NEW DOUBLE Wall Insulation is better than a Double Wall Vacuum

SLIM TRAVEL SIZE – Perfect for Car Caddy or Briefcase – ECO FRIENDLY – Has it’s own Cup – Leak Proof – This reusable water bottle replaces many single use plastic water bottles. NEW SCREW TOP DESIGN – Better temperature control to keep beverages hot & cold.

CONVENIENT LID THAT DOUBLES AS A DRINKING CUP – Comes with cup fixed to lid which can be used to serve your coffee in hot thermos or cold drink in cold thermos. Easy to carry on the go. Perfect for Camping