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Nexten … We love beautiful quality products

Nexten Pro Inc. is the industry-leading designer and wholesaler of home and houseware products. We are centrally located in Toronto, Canada. and have been in business since 2014. We are best known for our product lines of 100% natural air fresheners, hydration products, eco friendly bento box, food containers, as well as coffee and tea wares. Our team work with the best supplier sources around the world for the excellent quality products with unique design from in-house team, and bring them into the north American market with competitive cost.

During the last decade, we have become working with product design & development from idea to products to the shelf long before Nexten was founded. We deeply understand the how complicated the process could be and have excellent control on every stage. We have established outstand relationships with our manufacturing sources – both in business and in person. It makes sure what we need is done properly within schedule and budget.

We also understand the frustration of lots of businesses with in north America of finding the right products and also the right suppliers to get them. Going oversea is not the case for everyone. At Nexten, we are proud of our capability to connect the west and the East, helping our customers bring the right products to their warehouse.

Our multiple product categories offer a variety of price points and styles, making it easier than ever to meet customers’ wants and needs. In recent years, we have expanded our product lines to include new items from wide range of substrates, our goal is to provide unlimited sources options for our customers and save them time and headaches of dealing with manufacturing and logistic in between so they could focus on what they are excellent for and grow their brand and business.

At Nexten, we monitor the market closely and continually generate products to today’s fashion and style. We introduce new products every month so please make sure you sign up with our newsletter to keep it update for what’s coming next. We stand behind our products strongly and make sure every customer is satisfied. If there’s a problem and please let us know by email: info@nextenpro.com and we’ll do our best to make it right!